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Terry D. Cudney terry at
Mon Dec 23 15:26:32 EST 2002

Hi all,

	For anyone wanting an alternative to using the numeric keypad (as on a laptop without the numeric keypad) there is now a README and in the file: winkeymap.tar.bz2 in the goodies directory on bumpy. 

	This keymap mimics the behaviour of the numeric keymap using the j, k, l keys, etc when holding down the left "windows" key.
	The function of the numeric keypad keys plus insert key is performed by hoding down the "windows" key plus shift or control key along with the normal keyboard keys. See the README for details.

	Hope this is useful to some of you with laptops. This keymap does not change the behaviour of the numeric keypad keys, if you have a standard keyboard. In fact you can use both the numeric keypad and the Windows-key combinations at the same time.



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