correct keyboard selection.

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     Send me your phone number, or call me at the number at the top of
this message.  I can talk you through the installation procedure.  The
jacked up newt library makes it a bit tough, as you have found, but it has
been done many times by lots of folks.


On Sat, 21 Dec 2002, Glenn Ervin wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> I am still trying to get RedHat installed as the installation program for
> RedHat 8.0 does the same double speaking for me, with my dectalk
> synthesizer.
> It is impossible to know which choice you have made, and I have to fDisk a
> hard drive to install Linux, and even the sighted assistance I have used is
> not totally sure which drive is actually selected.
> But the strange thing is that when I was using an install program from a
> previous version of Linux, it spoke just fine with my synthesizer, but I was
> unable to complete the install, as the install program did not match the
> ISO's.
> Perhaps it is the DECtalk synthesizer, and maybe we need to wait for someone
> to re-compile the install program or the DECtalk portion of SpeakUp.
> But your start up line seems correct:
> Here is what works for me:
> text speakup_synth=dectlk
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> Sent: Friday, December 20, 2002 1:13 PM
> Subject: correct keyboard selection.
> Hi group,
> Which keyboard do I need to select for RedHat version 8?  I'm starting
> SpeakUp
> with the command:
> text speakup_synth=DTLK
> This command causes speakup to speak while I'm installing my Linux.  But,
> I'm
> finding it difficult to know what menu selection I'm on, and I can not even
> get into the fields for entering information such as IP address.  I tried
> selecting the "speakup" keyboard.  I saw there was another speakup keyboard
> I
> think, "speakup lt."  The hardware is a Pentium 2 CPU, and a Windows style
> keyboard.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Mark Rew
> e-mail: mark.rew at
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