Converting wav to mp3 in Linux?

Janina Sajka janina at
Sun Dec 22 13:40:59 EST 2002

No problem, Frank, I stand chastized! <grin>

Some LGPL is clearly superior to all LGPL, especially if it also sounds

Regardless, we certainly agree on Ogg-Vorbis.

So, Charlie, when is ACB Radio going to start supporting ogg streams?

Frank Carmickle writes:
> From: Frank Carmickle <frankiec at>
> No no no!!!  Janina I don't mean to publicly chastise you but
> freesoftware!  lame is the way to be which isn't quite as good as it could
> be because it is partially under the lgpl.  It does sound better then most
> of the other encoders also.  But oggenc from vorbis tools is the real way
> to go.
> FC
> On Sun, 22 Dec 2002, Janina Sajka wrote:
> > Hi, Charlie:
> >
> > I used bladeenc back when I was still creating mp3 files:
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