a bit of trivia I found interesting

Gregory Nowak greg at romuald.net.eu.org
Sat Dec 21 13:55:57 EST 2002

Yes, that's correct. The only windows ce applications it can run would be those which don't directly ask the user for input, or display output (I.E. command-line only driven programs). This is because the braille display and speech aren't registered as output devices directly in win ce.

Also, since they ported keysoft from DOS to win ce, they could probably just as easily have ported it to the linux kernel.


On Sat, Dec 21, 2002 at 12:53:54PM -0500, Alex Snow wrote:
> Yeah I don't see why they think that's a good excuse.  It can't run regular
> windows ce software anyways from what I've heard.
> Explorer has caused a general protection fault in module kernel32.dll. I'm
> sick of Winblows!

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