correct keyboard selection.

Mark Rew mark.rew at
Fri Dec 20 14:13:56 EST 2002

Hi group,

Which keyboard do I need to select for RedHat version 8?  I'm starting SpeakUp
with the command:
text speakup_synth=DTLK
This command causes speakup to speak while I'm installing my Linux.  But, I'm
finding it difficult to know what menu selection I'm on, and I can not even
get into the fields for entering information such as IP address.  I tried
selecting the "speakup" keyboard.  I saw there was another speakup keyboard I
think, "speakup lt."  The hardware is a Pentium 2 CPU, and a Windows style

Thanks for any suggestions.
Mark Rew
e-mail: mark.rew at

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