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Thu Dec 19 21:56:14 EST 2002

I keep on telling the commercial development folks in the Navy they need
to work on this, but all they come back with is that it's infeasible.

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On Thu, 19 Dec 2002, Janina Sajka wrote:

Hey, Jude:

I love it. Can I get one next time it snows in DC? Or next time I go

This is definitely a winner.

dashielljt writes:
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> What Kirk needs is a flying suit with an automatic collission avoidance
> system.  What happens with one of these is that the suit detects him
> slipping.  When that happens, helium suddenly goes into the suit getting
> him slight positive buoyancy, then a small jet fires off and redirects the
> suit and person wearing it such that they don't fall.  Once that much has
> been accomplished Kirk can let helium out of the suit and land safely.
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