Procmail recipe needed: Education vs. Rejection

Janina Sajka janina at
Thu Dec 19 12:37:07 EST 2002

OK, Ann, you're certainly correct that these users need to be educated.

But, is it everyone's responsibility to be an educator?

I think not. After all, there are just 24 hours in every day, and just so much any one of us can accomplish with those hours. Certainly, for some of us
some of those hours will be well spent educating. But, I think for others, the time may be better spent on other worthy endeavors, such as enhancing
Speakup support in the Red Hat kernel in Bill's instance.

I support Bill's adoption of the rejection approach.

Ann Parsons writes:
> From: Ann Parsons <akp at>
> Hi all,
> Now old Bill, there are some messages that come from reasonable users
> of that OS.  Perhaps you want something to get rid of HTML?  You can't
> blame the message senders, old Bill, they're just not enlightened.
> They need education, not rejection.  <smile> 
> Ann P.
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