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Ann Parsons akp at
Thu Dec 19 10:15:28 EST 2002

Hi all,

Just got off the phone with Mary.  As most of you know, Kirk fell and
broke his hip on Monday evening.  Apparently, he was walking home and
stepped on some packing material that had fallen off a truck.  His
feet became tangled, and the dog kept walking.  So, he went one way
and the dog went the other way.  

According to Mary, Kirk refused to go that night to get treatment, but
when he still couldn't move the next morning, they decided that maybe
he ought to go in.  So they forced him to go by ambulance.  

Mary says he'll probably be in hospital five days, though that may
change due to Christmas holiday etc.  They anticipate that after he
has his surgery, he should be feeling much better.  At the moment, he
is in a lot of pain. 

She requested that we send chocolates.  So, I took it upon myself to
do so.  I have sent a two pound box from all of us on the reflector.
Iffin anyone wants to contribute to me, you are welcome, though it
isn't necessary.  I'm at:

173 Edgewood Avenue
Rochester, NY 14618

Mary also said that braille cards would be nice as well.  I'm penning
an official one from you all and sending it today, but iffin you want
to send more, you certainly may do that!  Here is Kirk's address which
Mary gave me permission to post.

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Reiser
261 Trott Drive
London, Ont. N6G 1B6 Canada

I think that's all the news.  Keep the prayers coming too.  Thanks

Ann P.

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