Playing audio cd options

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Tue Dec 17 21:32:11 EST 2002

Well what you have to do is get the cdrecord package. I am not sure as to
your distro, so either rpm/deb/tgz. Next you need to make sure that your
drive is being emulated by the SCSI subsystem, assuming your drive is an
Atapi. Most drives are these days. If you are using Lilo as your boot
loader, You have to put the following line or similar below the image
declaration line. append="hdd=ide-scsi"This usually goes below the alias
line. Next reboot your machine (shutdown -r now). Remember to run lilo
before shutting down. Once the machine has rebooted, do a dmesg > output
to watch your kernel boot msgs. You should see lines indicating that SCSI
has picked up your drive. Once this is apparent, you can do something like
cdrecord -dev=0,0,0 -v -audio *.wav. Read the cdrecord manpage for more
in-depth syntactical information.

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On Tue, 17 Dec 2002, Paul Migliorelli (+1 3 0 3 5 4 3 2 3 1 1) wrote:

> Hmmmm.  Glad to know I'm not the only one wondering about these things as
> well
> I know about cdp to play audio cds, but was wondering what other options
> there are.  Not familiar with cdcd.  Not sure if that's something to
> fetch, or is it part of things by default.  I've never found cdp all that
> navigable from the keyboard.  I can move track to track, but have never
> been able to move within, and I can press down arrow which stops, and then
> ejects.
> Now if I can only also find really understandable to the point steps to
> make audio cds.  I've finally learned how to copy mp3 files over to one,
> but I'd still like to make them into audio.  I do have paranoia on here,
> which I guess is a start.
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