ot, hardware problem

Gregory Nowak greg at romuald.net.eu.org
Sat Dec 14 21:13:39 EST 2002

Hi all.

I have a 6 month old motherboard with a via Apollo pro 133 chipset, and on-board sound.

Recently, I was having intermittent problems where the card would work sometimes, and it wouldn't work other times after reboots.

Now, alsa says the card can't be found, and the card isn't listed in device manager under windows.

Also, the multimedia controller doesn't show up in /proc/pci, and it doesn't appear in the pci device listing that comes up during the post. Of course, before it showed up in both listings.
It's as if someone just pulled the card out, which is impossible, since it's a part of the motherboard.
I should add that everything else on the motherboard works fine.

I have connected headphones to make sure the hissing sound I still here comes in fact from the sound card, and it does.

Today, I had a sighted friend over, so we went into cmos, disabled the on-chip sound, and rebooted.
We went back into cmos, reset the on-chip sound to "auto", and rebooted without sound still.

I then cleared cmos with the jumper, but that didn't help either.

For those who have experience working with on-board sound, is there still something else I should try, or have I in fact exhausted all my options, and try to see if this board is still under warranty so I can get it replaced?

Thanks for help in advance, and please let me know if more details are needed.


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