any suggestions onf ree email services?

Ed Barnes e_barnes at
Thu Dec 12 16:52:19 EST 2002

Hi, well, depends upon what you are looking for, I am asumming you are 
asking on here because you would like to be able to use both webmail and 
pop3 so you can download mail either using a windows mail client or 
fetchmail on your linux box.
Another important question, do you need a provider of free email service 
which gives you an smtp server to use or can you use your isp's smtp under 
Windows, of course, this is a non-issue under linux because you have your 
MTA to handle it.
If you are looking for webmail, smtp, and pop, I'd probably recommend:
As far as free email service providers the only one I use is: yahoo
If you sign up for yahoo delivers you can download mail from
I can use the isp's smtp server on Windows and sendmail under Linux.
And, either one or the other is always available in my case.
Alternately, you never know, somebody also might be willing to give you an 
account on one of their boxes for this purpose.
Good luck and hth.

  At 12:31 PM 12/12/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>see subject. any suggestions on free email services? this server i'm using
>now will go off line in a month or so,
>and am wondering if there are any suggestions for good ones.
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