Wedit (wave editor) 0.3.6 posted

Chuck Hallenbeck chuckh at
Tue Dec 10 20:43:03 EST 2002

The latest version of my handy dandy wave file editor has several
new features.
1. it reads midi files as wave files if you have timidity
installed on your system.

2. It has a greatly enhanced analysis of stereo clips including
statistics for left and right channels separately and reports
their correlation.

3. It reads ADPCM (adaptive differential pulse code modulation)
files as wave files. These are found in the Telephone Reader TRV
format and the Dialogic VOX format voice files.

These last two, TRV and VOX, are 6000 Hz monaural with an
encoding optimized for voice and may not convert satisfactorily
to mp3 or ogg/vorbis, but they become wave files okay.

The latest version of Wedit is available at:

I am not especially pushing this program but it is what I use on
a regular basis and it seems worth sharing. If you have a wave
editor you already like, stick with it!


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