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Mon Dec 9 07:45:16 EST 2002

Ann Parsons staggered into view and mumbled:
>Hi all,
>I come to you because I need rescuing!  I have been fighting with Bill
>Gates for a greater part of today.  I have been attempting to force
>MSWord to print mailing labels.  I have tried every way in the docs, I
>have tried and pushed and my guru tried half the day.  Is there any
>utility in Linux that will print labels!  Will MYSQL do it, will
>*something* do it!  Help!  Help!  I'm losing my mind!  I only have
>sixty names in a Christmas card list, and I need to print the damned
>labels!  Please, somebody rescue me!  There's no debian package that I
>can see.  Please somebody help! 
>Ann P.

This might depend on the format of the list and the printer you are
using.  If you know the number of lines that will be printed on each
label, you might be able to create a text file with each address
using the proper number of lines (including blank lines for spacing),
and then dump the whole file to your printer.  Depending on how things
work, you might have to play around with some parameters for `lpr',
but it should be possible to get it figured out without too much
trouble.  I hope this helps a little.

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