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hello everyone,
I still have not partitioned yet as I am not clear as to which hard drive is
being selected.  Both fDisk & Druid call my second hard drive /dev/hde, and
I suspect that this is due to the fact that it is wired up via an IDE card,
as it is a removable drive.
I even had some sighted assistance, and my readers were not sure what was
about to happen based on the choices made.  I cannot risk wiping out my
/dev/hda1 drive.

I think I am going to open my computer and unhook the /dev/hda, and hook
that cable to the drive being called /dev/hde.  This way, I will only get 1
drive showing, and I will not hurt anything if something goes wrong.

But regarding the partition sizes:
Thanks for all the input so far, but Janina mentioned something that I did
not know would make a difference, and so I will mention it now, and again,
feel free to suggest partition sizes for an 8 GB drive.  Janina offered some
partition sizes thinking that I would not want to do FTP, and actually, I do
want to put an FTP site, and I am hoping to point the Linux server to the
FAT32 drive /dev/hda1 for file storage.  But I am choosing "custom" in the
install, because I want to use Linux for all the things  I use windows to
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Adam Myrow writes:
> 4GB should be more than enough for the root partition.
True, but 1.5mB, the way he originally spec'd it, is way too little for
/usr. He doesn't need that much in /

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