Adam Myrow amyrow at
Sat Dec 7 13:24:43 EST 2002

Well, I think the swap partition is a bit large, but it never hurts.  You
shouldn't need to configure any partitions as FAT or VFAT unless you just
want to.  I wouldn't do so since you lose a lot of functionallity with a
FAT partition.  One thing you can do while partitioning which isn't well
explained is to select an existing partition and instruct the installer
not to erase it.  You can then specify a mount point for it and have it
mount at bootup.  You can do this later after you've installed the OS by
manually editing /etc/fstab, but that's a little harder.  When you say
"/root," do you mean your root partition?  This is called "/" and not
"/root."  This is important!  You may also consider a /usr/local partition
as this is where software you install yourself goes by convention.  You
don't need to do this, but it might be handy if you have to reinstall.

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