recovering lost+found files

Adam Myrow amyrow at
Sat Dec 7 13:18:34 EST 2002

Your best shot is to use the "file" command on the suspect files.  This
may tell you what they are.  The "strings" command is also handy since it
tries to display printable strings in binary files.  With any luck, you
will be able to identify the critical files and restore/rename them and
they won't be corrupt.  However, those types of crashes are pretty nasty.
Hope you have a backup of your system!  I would suggest that you convert
to EXT3 at some future point.  It seems to be more robust than standard
EXT2 given that I've had similar situations with EXT3 and not lost
anything.  A UPS is expensive, but a good investment if you have frequent
power outages.  I plan on getting one myself in the near future since this
area is known for brown outs and short power outages.  Anyway, good luck.

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