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What you say, Jude, may well be correct. I don't know whether it is, or not, because I don't know the first thing about Slackware.

But, Glen wasn't installing Slackware, nor did he yet have any kind of Linux installed.

So, it's lovely that you can display this encyclopedic knowledge. But, it's irrelevant to the problem Glen was asking for help with. Unfortunately, he
may not even know enough about Linux yet to know that you're just spouting off and not actually providing some information he can use. That's why I got
on your case, and it's why I'm still on your case.

It's not about whether your a good person, or whether you know a thing or two. It's about helping Glen get his Linux installed and working. I'm afraid
this doesn't help in the least.

dashielljt writes:
> From: dashielljt <dashielljt at gmpexpress.net>
> Actually, I had some of that information incorrect.  For slackware users
> who create partitions and type one of them as swap with fdisk running
> setup next and choosing target disk allows the setup program to activate
> the swap disk if not already activated then prompt the user for names for
> the remaining partitions and label them.  As best I can tell those extra
> labels end up in /etc/fstab in the correct field.
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