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Janina Sajka janina at
Fri Dec 6 16:47:30 EST 2002

Emacspeak doesn't work with Festival. And, even if it did, you'd need to specify the appropriate intermediary "speech server" for emacspeak.

What it does work with is called Festival Lite, or Flite for short. The speech server you need is by Mike Gorse and is called eflite. You compile in
that order, then read the eflite docs to get the appropriate incantation. I put mine in a shell script called e. Everything you need is at:

jwantz at writes:
> From: jwantz at
> Hi,
> Sorry about the off topic post.  I am trying to get emacspeak to work.  I 
> at first thought that when you invoked emacspeak that it would bring up my 
> festival server.  I then tried:
> festival --tts --server &
> emacspeak
> Of course I killed speakup in the emacspeak console.  Well, emacspeak 
> doesn't speak.  What am I doing wrong?
>      Jim
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