ext3 warnings fixed

Gregory Nowak greg at romuald.net.eu.org
Thu Dec 5 16:08:30 EST 2002

I'm not sure why it didn't generate a warning, but you should mark it as ext3 in /etc/fstab just the same.


On Thu, Dec 05, 2002 at 02:30:18PM -0600, William Hubbs wrote:
> Hi all,
> I did not get any compile errors, and all of the file systems were
> upgraded with tune2fs -j.
> The problem was that they were marked as ext2 in /etc/fstab.  Thanks
> Buddy for pointing this out.
> That brings up another question though.  The root file system
> (/dev/hda9) is also an ext3 file system, and it is marked as ext2 in
> /etc/fstab.  But, it did not generate this warning.  Why not?
> William

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