speakup & fDisk

Glenn Ervin glennervin at cableone.net
Wed Dec 4 20:57:12 EST 2002

I have 2 concerns going on here.
I have reached the point where I have to select a tool for disk
partitioning, and I felt that fDisk was the best choice, since I did not
complete the fDisk in DOS , on the drive I am preparing to devote entirely
to Linux.
And I am fairly comfortable with disk partitioning, as I have done it
successfully several times with the other OS.
But before I get to the problem with fDisk, I have some problem with speakup
which I know should not be there.
I noticed that as I move around the screen with tabs, I always get 2 or 3
items read to me.
I have figured out that the last item is usually the item selected, but this
is quite difficult, especially when I need to be careful to not format my
/dev/hda1 drive.
The 8 key on the number pad either says nothing or the incorrect item.  And
I have tried using the numpad enter key to shift the focus, and it does not
But when I ran the incorrect boot disk, not the one from my ISO, I did not
get this double speaking problem, but I cannot use the wrong boot disk, as I
eventually get an error with the wrong disk.
* So I guess my question is: How do I get fDisk to know I want to format
/dev/hdb?, as /dev/hda1 seems to be the only option.
And is there a way to effect the verbosity of speakup so it does not give me
this double talk?

"Live long and prosper",
O. Glenn Ervin (Lenny)
Northeast Nebraska
glennervin at cableone.net
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