mplayer problem

Johan Bergström Johbe at
Sun Dec 1 12:43:39 EST 2002

Tommy Moore <tmoore at> writes:

> Hi guys.  Ive been playing with mplayer for a while here trying to get it to
> play the audio only of a dv.  Anybody have the wxact options I'd pass to the
> progam to do this?  Have been messing with it for quite a while and no matter
> what I try it keeps bitching that it can't vind the video device and I could
> care less about it finding my video card.
> Sorry if I sound fustraded but I am.
> Tommy

Try mplayer -vo null -dvd 1 

Check the dvd chapter of the mplayer documentation. It is possible that the
first track of the dvd record is not the main movie, but some trailer or other
stuff since they put alot of that crap onto the dvd's nowadays. If thats the
case you can play the other tracks by changing the number after the -dvd
option. You can also start playing at diffrent chapters in the dvd track by
using the -chapter option. Oh and btw, the /dev/dvd file needs to be a link
pointing to the proper dvd device, I think you said it was /dev/scd0 in
another mail? And make sure you have the proper permissions to read from that


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