Trplayer problems.

Thomas Ward slingshooter at
Sun Dec 1 11:35:33 EST 2002

Hello, list. I finally got around to putting trplayer on my system again, 
and found it won't work under Red Hat 8.0.
It complains about not finding libslang which of course I have installed, 
but trplayer insists I don't have it.
When I tried to build from source the configure script complains about me 
having the Real Player sdk.

Ok, here are some questions. Has any Red Hat 8 users figured out a way to 
fix this problem?If I have to build from source which looks likely were do 
I obtain the sdk from, and is it free?
On the other hand how to I install the older libslang libraries without 
breaking the current installs which my 8.0 system needs. Thanks.

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