Speakup Working on a DEC Alpha

Ralph W. Reid rreid at sunset.net
Sun Dec 1 10:16:32 EST 2002

Janina Sajka staggered into view and mumbled:
>For the record I am pleased to report that I have Speakup working like
>the champ it is on a DEC Alpha Station 200 (Avanti). There is no video
>in this machine, so Linux is using the dummy video driver. I am running
>Speakup through an internal Doubletalk card. The kernel is 2.4.20,
>released yesterday.
>Kirk and others on this list will recall that this is a very old project
>of mine. It's delightful to have success at last, lo these many years
>later. The theory was always correct, as it transpires, if the
>execution was circumlocutious.
>Thanks to Kirk, and more recently Frank and Bill for all the help
>getting this non-Intel platform working.
>				Janina Sajka, Director
>				Technology Research and Development
>				Governmental Relations Group
>				American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)
>Email: janina at afb.net		Phone: (202) 408-8175

Excellent!  It's always good to hear that a bit of usable speech
synthesis is spreading into new areas.  Thanks for putting in the time
and effort on this project, and have a _great_ day!

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