"cursoring on"?

randy turner rturner2 at texasisp.com
Fri Nov 30 11:58:06 EST 2001

hi kirk,
when i upgraded my slackware i started using it,
even if i have to turn it off and on it is worth it
editing messages and files is a lot easier now.
thanks for all of the work!

On 30 Nov 2001, Kirk Reiser wrote:

> Hi Dave:  The cursor on key is speakups experimental cursor tracking
> and announcement mode.  It only works in some editors and in others it
> sort of works sometimes.  You have to be careful to turn it off when
> you leave the editor because things like bash don't work very well
> with it.  It should be in the defaultKeyAssignments.  If it isn't I'll
> fix that in cvs.
>   Kirk
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