web brousers that handle forms for linux?

Dave Hunt wx1g at mediaone.net
Thu Nov 29 22:16:33 EST 2001

Remember that, once a submenu is expanded, you can use the lynx 'search' 
feature to help you find your choice.  I find this helps when one of 
these submenus is large.


On Thu, 29 Nov 2001, Raul A. Gallegos wrote:

> When you come across a check box to toggle it from on to off or off to
> on press the right arrow.  When you come across a combo pulldown box
> press enter to enter a submenu then use your up/down arrows to make your
> selection.  If your links are numbered you will see something like
> choosing a state like this:
> [5][1]choose state
> when you press enter on the 5th link in this case you enter the submenu
> where choice 1 is to choose a state.  If you hit down arrow once you
> will see something like:
> [5][2]arizona
> and so on and so forth.  To make your selection final just press enter
> to leave the choice you picked and go back to the top level menu and now
> you will be where you were before pressing enter on the link number [5]
> to choose a state but this time it will show you the choice you picked:
> [5][2]arizona
> hth

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