web brousers that handle forms for linux?

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Another good reminder is the status line or bottom line of the display. It
will always feature a brief instruction on how to handle that particular
form field.

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When you come across a check box to toggle it from on to off or off to
on press the right arrow.  When you come across a combo pulldown box
press enter to enter a submenu then use your up/down arrows to make your
selection.  If your links are numbered you will see something like
choosing a state like this:

[5][1]choose state

when you press enter on the 5th link in this case you enter the submenu
where choice 1 is to choose a state.  If you hit down arrow once you
will see something like:

and so on and so forth.  To make your selection final just press enter
to leave the choice you picked and go back to the top level menu and now
you will be where you were before pressing enter on the link number [5]
to choose a state but this time it will show you the choice you picked:

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