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Wed Nov 28 17:11:07 EST 2001

Some services are so cheap now. I use www.directnic.com and they charge $15
per year for .com domains. They even offer a "Pay DNS" feature to host your
domain at $5 per year so it would look like $20 per year to do what I am
doing right now. There may be other options out there. I think the dhs.org
and dyndns.org groups only let you have a "sub domain" under the dhs.org
banner - not positive though.

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Hi all,

I noticed that a few of you on this list have your own domains.
I was considering getting a domain name for personal use,
but I'm low on cash at this moment.
I was wondering if any of you were able to get your domains free of charge?
If so, then what are the issues involved with that?
Also, I know that www.dhs.org offers free of charge domains.
Are any of you with them?
I would appreciate any thoughts on this subject.
Thanks, and sorry for the off topic post.

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