OT: Re: Autoprepending scripts with Apache

Ari Moisio armoi at sci.fi
Wed Nov 28 06:50:59 EST 2001


  Action keyword might help, somethin like
action text/html your/script.php

  That script will toutput requested page to its standard input. File
name is at some environment variable, $PATH_TRANSLATED iirc.

Victor Tsaran 28.11.01:

>Those of you, who are experts in Apache server administration. Do you know
>if there is an option to auto_prepend a certain script to any .html file
>parsed by the server? For example, I have a script written in PHP and I want
>it to be attached to every .html file of the website. Please note that I
>would like to avoid using SSI because this would involve modifying all the
>pages on the website.
>Would be grateful for any advice.

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