trouble using fips

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Wed Nov 28 00:06:23 EST 2001

Hi, if you have Windows on your machine try a program called Partition Magic 7.0. You can resize partitions, merge partitions, create partitions, and do all sorts of things with it.
It is one of my favorite programs.
However, as with most Windows based programs it costs a heap. It's ruffly $70.00, but it is pretty good.
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  Hello.  When attempting to use fips, I saw that the numbers for the starting cylinder never change.  I have a 6.49 gig hard drive.  So I entered to have the new partition begin on the first free cylinder.  Instead, the old partition was decreased by only .02 gb.  Fortunately I was able to restore everything back.  What other approach could be used to create another partition without destroying data on this disk?
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