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Mon Nov 26 21:31:46 EST 2001

Also lately have heard of another x86 emulator like vmware called plex86 
which some may wish to check out.
Don't know if it requires x though to operate.


On Mon, 26 Nov 2001, Guy Schlosser wrote:

> I wonder how well this is gonna work with accessibility software.  Whether 
> it be a release of Jaws for Windows, Window-eyes or perhaps Speakup.  If it 
> works well with speech, this could be pretty darn cool.  I'm running Linux 
> right now, but it would be nice to not have to reboot to switch between the 
> OS's (Linux and Windows XP.)  Keep the posts on Lindows comming. :)
> Guy
> At 11:34 PM 11/25/2001 -0500, you wrote:
> >Hi, I think everyone may be interested in this new os which will help out
> >programmers and businesses alike.
> >See below.
> >
> >
> >
> >LindowsOST Preview Release In 4th Quarter To Give Consumers New Choice
> >
> >SAN DIEGO -- October 23, 2001--
> >,
> >a company committed to bringing choice to computers, is gearing up to
> >deliver LindowsOS Preview Release, a modern and affordable operating system
> >for Pentium
> >based computers. Because of its unique ability to run Linux® software titles
> >as well as many popular Windows® (Nasdaq "MSFT") software titles, computer
> >owners and organizations of all sizes will soon have an option for their new
> >computers. LindowsOS is also ideal for computer users seeking to upgrade to
> >a stable, full featured, operating system.
> >
> >For under $100, users can purchase a copy of LindowsOS to run their PC. The
> >simplified interface makes installation a straightforward, four-step process
> >suitable for the novice or the MIS manager supervising a number of
> >computers. LindowsOS also allows users the convenience of running LindowsOS
> >on one or
> >more systems, for personal use, without the hassle of serial code
> >registrations. Users will receive the full version upon purchase, without
> >having to call-in
> >their registration numbers.
> >
> >Once installed, LindowsOS offers a full-powered graphical desktop experience
> >familiar to any computer user, but with advanced underlying architecture to
> >ensure greater reliability.
> >
> >PCs running LindowsOS have the unique ability to run Linux® and Windows®
> >software. No additional software is required for owners of LindowsOS to run
> >popular
> >Windows® or Linux® programs.
> >
> >To install Windows® software, users insert CDs or download the software and
> >run the accompanying installer program with no modifications required. Once
> >installed, a simple click on a desktop icon or selection from a menu
> >launches the program in the customary fashion. All menus, dialog boxes and
> >features
> >operate in an expected manner and at a comparable speed. For the first time,
> >those contemplating an operating system change will be able to keep their
> >investment in their existing software, thereby overcoming the largest
> >impediment to deploying a new operating system. Because LindowsOS is built
> >around
> >a Linux® core, it runs Linux® software natively, giving consumers the best
> >of both worlds.
> >
> >"Our goal at is to give the consumer a choice when it comes to
> >their computer," said Robertson. "For too long there's been little
> >competition
> >in the operating system arena and consumers have paid the price with buggy
> >and expensive software. LindowsOS, with its ability to run many popular
> >Windows®
> >software programs and Linux® programs, gives computer owners a migration
> >path to a new operating system which promises to be full featured and
> >consumer
> >friendly."
> >
> >LindowsOS is designed to operate seamlessly in a diverse computing
> >environment. By interoperating with existing printers, file servers, mail
> >servers and
> >other Internet resources, LindowsOS machines will fill the need for cost
> >effective and stable computers, even in established organizations.
> >
> >
> >is distributing a Preview Release of our upcoming LindowsOS to alert
> >computer users that a new choice is on the horizon and to accelerate
> >valuable feedback
> >from the computing community to help us build a better product.
> >
> >"LindowsOS is a huge effort and consumer input will play a critical role in
> >our direction and success," said Robertson. "Our hope is that interested
> >parties
> >will evaluate our Preview Release, send me and the rest of the company their
> >specific feedback, and consider our upcoming releases in their own
> >technology
> >plans. With the Preview Release, the user will have access to users feedback
> >forums, databases and other customer feedback vehicles."
> >
> >LindowsOS Preview Release will be available for purchase or digital download
> >from the
> >
> >web site. It will run on computer systems with a Pentium Processor or AMD
> >Processor, 64 MB RAM and 1GB of disk space. Inquiries concerning OEM or site
> >licenses
> >should be sent to
> >licenses at
> >Michael Robertson can be reached at
> >MichaelR at
> >
> >To respond to this press release or send feedback to
> >,
> >contact
> >feedback at
> >To receive press releases via email, or to unsubscribe from this
> >service, contact
> >pr at
> >
> >About, Inc.
> >
> > is a consumer company that brings choice to computer users.
> >, Inc. uses the latest technology to create affordable,
> >intuitive, user-friendly
> >products., Inc. was started by Michael Robertson, founder and
> >former CEO of At the core of is a new operating system
> >called
> >LindowsOST, a modern, affordable, easy-to-use operating system with the
> >ability to run both Windows® and Linux® software.
> >
> >About Michael Robertson
> >
> >On the frontlines of music aggregation and distribution, Robertson founded
> >, Inc., the Internet's premier Music Service Provider (MSP) in March
> >1998.
> > revolutionized both the way new artists distribute their music as
> >well as the way music lovers acquire and enjoy music. Robertson and the rest
> >of the team built a unique and robust technology infrastructure that
> >facilitated the storage, management, promotion and delivery of digital
> >music.
> > hosts the largest collection of digital music available on the
> >Internet with more than 1 million songs and audio files posted from over a
> >hundred
> >thousand digital artists and record labels with millions of music fans.
> >Robertson stepped down as CEO of to start Robertson
> >continues
> >to serve in an advisory capacity to Vivendi Universal., Inc. is a
> >wholly owned subsidiary of Vivendi Universal, S. A.
> >Still have questions?  Read the
> >Frequently Asked Questions.
> >
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