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Thomas Ward tward at
Sun Nov 25 21:09:42 EST 2001

Hi, cdcd works pretty good.You will need to get the cdcd rpm, and the
libcdaudio rpms.
They are on the Red Hat downloads page.
To tell you how easy cdcd is to use to start playing a cd all you do is
cdcd play
and your cd starts playing.
cdcd stop
stops the cd from playing.
  cdcd play 7
would start playing track 7.
Depending on your installation you may have some problems getting it setup.
I know when I did a full install on my 30 GB drive cdcd went in fine.
However on my laptop I did a smaller install, and it gave me dependency
error after error. I'm still trying to figure out what rpm package it is
missing on my laptop.

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> Hi List,
> I'm looking for a console-moee audio cd player for Redhat 7.2.  Any
> suggestions?  Maybe I already have one??
> -Dave
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