init question

Adam Myrow myrow at
Sun Nov 25 16:07:33 EST 2001

The way I do it is to switch to single user and back to multi-user.  Under
Slackware, you'd do "init 1" and log in again.  Then, do "init 3."
Warning: you'll still be logged in after the init 3.  This forces the
scripts that run in multi-user to re-run.  However, it doesn't take that
long to reboot on most systems if you have to.  Also, "init q" will reread
/etc/inittab.  Sending a hangup signal to inetd or sendmail makes them
reread their configuration files.  With Slackware, the easiest way to do
that is something like "killall -1 sendmail" or "killall -1 inetd."  Hope
this helps.


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