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Yes, your right kernel parameters are instruction to the code within the
kernel itself.  Like telling a child to wear their hat and gloves when going
out to play.

Look at the device instruction too, that doesn't look right.  I think that
there's a stray "f".

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Hi Lenny -

I believe you should omit the path information for the last two
parameters on those lines. You should only specify the path for the
first two. In other words, the parameters that start with "speakup_synth
and "speakup_ser" should not have anything else in front of those key

Otherwise they sure look okay to me.


On Sat, 24 Nov 2001, Glenn Ervin wrote:

> could someone please perhaps tell me what is wrong with these lines?
> I seem to have linux going, because something scrolls up the screen for a
> couple minutes, but I cannot get speech going yet.
> You will read 2 lines, one is for zipslack on my 250 Mb zipdisk, and the
> other is my removable drive D.
> You will notice the lines wrapping, but that is only in this  e-mail...
> for the zip disk, b:
> b:\linux\loadlin b:\linux\vmlinuz root=/defv/hdb4  rw
> b:\linux\speakup_synth=dectlk
> for the removable 200MB harddrive:
> d:\linux\loadlin d:\linux\vmlinuz root=/dev/hdb rw
> d:\linux\speakup_synth=dectlk_ser=1
> Notice that I last tried putting in the path to speakup, but it did not
> help.
> I have tried it with and without the jfd screenreader, and I have tried it
> with and without running dtexp.bat first (to load the dectalk driver).
> Thanks.
> Sincerely,
> O. Glenn Ervin-- (Lenny) N0YJV
> Northeast Nebraska
> gervin at
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> gervin at
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