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Fri Nov 23 20:21:56 EST 2001

Hi, Glen:

The term, "D:> Drive" is a Windows/DOS designation and not a linux 
designation. Also, odds are great that it's not a drive, but a partition. 
Are you certain that it's actually a second drive on your hard disk, and 
not just a second partition on your first disk?

To find out, run fdisk. You may need to shutdown to ms dos to run fdisk. 
Be careful not to change anything you don't mean to change while running 
fdisk. There is a way to run fdisk in observation mode, but I don't recall 

Second point ... 200 Mb is not much these days. It's probably enough for 
something like zipspeak, and you could probably get a native linux 
installation into 200 Mb, but you'd have to work at it, and you'd have to 
know what you're doing in linux to make it work out.

If you're running zipspeak, you certainly don't need to repartition. Read 
the documentation that comes with zipspeak. It explains that you put it in 
a directory and run it from a shutdown to ms dos -- a DOS boot without 
Windows, in other words.

If you're trying to get a native install into 200 Mb, don't do it. Do 
whatever you need to do to get more space available--at least 1 Gig. Even 
if you need to get another hard drive, which can be done for well under 
$100 now, you should get more space if you really want to install a 
working linux. Of course, you could see about making more space available 
on your current system by resizing existing partitions. The linux tool 
parted is one that can do that, and can do it accessibly--with speech.

 On Fri, 23 Nov 2001, Glenn Ervin 

> does my d drive, which is dedicated to trying to get linux to work, have to
> be partitioned?
> If so, can I use fdisk to partition it?
> I would rather not partition it if I do not have to do that.
> that drive is 200MB and removable.
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