2.4.15 and 2.5.0 released

Janina Sajka janina at afb.net
Fri Nov 23 11:53:00 EST 2001

Hi, Kirk:

I'm getting the following trying to cvs patch 2.4.5:

cvs server: Updating speakup/diff-v25
cvs server: failed to create lock directory for 
`/usr/src/CVS/speakup/diff-v25' (/usr/src/CVS/speakup/diff-v25/#cvs.lock): 
Permission denied
cvs server: failed to obtain dir lock in repository 
cvs [server aborted]: read lock failed - giving up
[root at TekRD src]#

So, is it me or CVS? Seems root shouldn't have a permissions problem 

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