Linux boot help needed

Guy Schlosser guyster at
Fri Nov 23 01:07:34 EST 2001

Hi all, I am new to this list and have a couple questions related to the 
installation of my Linux system.  I downloaded the devian rescue.bin and 
root.bin images from the speakup FTP server from the devian/images.144 
directory, and cannot get my image which I used rawrite to write to a 
floppy to boot.  My computer skips over the disk as if it's not even 
present.  I then got a boot and root pair from the slackware 8.0 directory, 
and was able to boot that with no trouble.  My problem with the slackware 
set though is this.  After booting, getting speech up and running, and 
being prompted for the root disk, I put it in and get a kernel panic error 
that says it can't mount root FS on 02:1C.  I tried appending the line 
root=/dev/fd0 to the command line at boot and get a similar error but this 
time the address is 02:00.  Any suggestions on getting either of these up 
and running?  I would greatly appreciate them. :)


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