Another newbie

Jack Daniels Labitup at
Thu Nov 22 11:30:08 EST 2001

Hi, I am new to Speakup, and I have been following the list for just a
short while now.  I want to learn whether the following is possible, and
how to best accomplish it.

First, some info about my Linux box.  I have a very small PC installed with
Redhat 7.1, kernal 2.4.2-12 running on a P133 with no CDROM.  
A friend set it up for me and I am currently using a serial connection from
My Win98 PC.  

What I want to be able to do is to insert a floppy with Speakup and any
necessary boot files and have Linux  come up talking.  Is this possible? 
If so, what do I need to get/do?
I want to use a DEC Express on COM2, keeping the serial connection on COM1.   

If this is possible, and I thought it was from reading the list for just a
short time, what files do I need?
How do I use them?
Any info out there detailing this process?

I am sure there is info I have left out, so please ask any questions, and I
will answer them to the best of my ability.  Rememberr, I am new, never
built a kernal, the more detailed your response, the better.

Thank you in advance for helping another newbie get up and talking with


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