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The -d switch just gives me a segmentation fault, have you got any ideas why
this might be?

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there is a way  to accomplish this.
I've tried it on several occasions and found it to be quite a dandy
little feature.
when you start BitchX, issue the command like this. "BitchX -d" this
will force the client to start in dumb mode.
this means you won't get all that pretty stuff.
On Wed, 21 Nov 2001,

> Hi
> My local Linux Users Group have set up an IRC channel and I would like to
> use it.  I've tried bitchx but I had difficulty in understanding the help
> file as it seem to use characters for decoration.  Perhaps, there's a way
> cleaning up the display?  I wondered if anyone could suggest either an
> alternative to bitchx or a way to configure it to be more user friendly?
> Gena
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