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Shaun Oliver shauno at
Wed Nov 21 06:19:04 EST 2001

I dislike ircii for a number of reasons.
the most of which is it doesn't have the nice scanning features of
BitchX and the other little frilly bits.
having been an mIRC user, I like the idea of being able to have all
those nice features.
yes you had to code them for yourself with mIRC but, it could be done.
however, with BitchX, all you ever want is at your finger tips.
but having said all that, it's horses for courses I supose.
Tue, 20 Nov 2001, Raul
A. Gallegos wrote:

> Use ircii.  If you use debian just apt-get install ircii.  If you
> something else like slackware you might have to build it and install it
> by hand which is not too difficult.  I imagine there is an rpm of it
> somewhere too.  I've been using ircii for many years now and like it
> very much.  No graphical drawings and very streight forward.

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