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Hi Shaun,

A couple of people told me about ari-yahoo some time ago and what I did
was get myself a copy and modify it slightly to include single letter
abbreviations for most of the commands. The author was thrilled (I guess
he thrills easy) and was going to make a version 1.4.2 with those changes,
but I never heard any more about it.

There is a much better way to interact with Yahoo buddies. Get yourself a
jabber account and register with a yahoo transport on your jabber server.
I am using a jabber client called "imcom" which works a lot like micq only
better. It does not support all the services that the jabber servers
support, but enough to get you started. There are lots of jabber clients
out there, but of course many of them are GUI based. Imcom is not.

Speaking of Yahoo Messenger, I am unable to get messages from people on
Yahoo unless I am online at the time. That is true either with are-yahoo
or with imcom. Sounds like you are able to do that.  Is there an option on
Yahoo that covers that feature, or what?


On Tue, 20 Nov 2001, Shaun Oliver wrote:

> Hi chuck,
> months ago you started a thread about ari's yahoo messenger client. I
> found an interesting thing out about it just now while fidling around with
> it.
> if you don't sellect one of you rcontacts from the budylist and one of
> them sends you a message, ari-yahoo will beep notifying you that you have
> received a message.
> if however, you have a query open to that user, it will not beep at you.
> hth

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