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Amanda, maybe Excite at home is providing you with a good thing, and that
is by putting up such an obstacle, you have the perfect reason to tell
them where to put it!  After all, one can not be to careful when
telecommuting.  We all have heard horror stories of security breaches
with people using cable access, and perhaps Excite at home is doing a
little CYA.  

Where I work, the security is very tight, and so far, if you want to
telecommute, you need to sign away everything including your first 2
born, before you are considered for access.

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Okay good enough.  I was a little suspicious when he offered to rent us
second "static IP" for an additional $6.95 per month.  Go figure!  A
little mixing of terminology to obscure the real truth.  Another
I have about excite at home is that they won't allow you to use it for
telecommuting and I find that to be an accessibility issue especially
those who are persons with disabilities because we all pay for our own
broadband service no matter what we use it for.  But that's not an issue
we  need to discuss here.  DSL providers don't care or seem to want to
prevent  you from using your broadband connection for accessing your
employer's network.

Amanda Lee

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