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Mon Nov 19 17:24:11 EST 2001

Hi, if you have an old dos screen reader such as Jaws For Dos or Vocal Eyes
you can load that before running loadlin and that usually worked in getting
error messages
spoken. However, if it is a kernel panic error of some kind or an error
encountered after your machine loads Linux you will need to get those errors
with sited assistance assuming that Speakup hasn't loaded.

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> Hello group,
> I downloaded
> I have a removable drive D:, and I unzipped it into that drive.
> I have downloaded many speakup files and I have put them into the d:\linux
> directory.
> This harddrive is a little over 200MB.
> I am using a DECtalk express on Comm1.
> I also edited the linux.bat file to have one of the lines to read:
> d:\linux\loadlin
> I rebooted into DOS and ran linux.bat and it ran for a few seconds, and it
> may have been ready to work, but I could not know what was on the screen.
> Question:
> How do I tell it to recognize the DECtalk on Com1?
> I hope I do not have to use sighted assistance to get this going.
> I look forward to any input.
> Thanks.
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