Cable Modem

Amanda Lee amanda at
Mon Nov 19 15:55:24 EST 2001

I know this subject has been addressed but everyone has just sort of
danced around it.

I've signed up for Comcast @home  cringe! but it's the only way I can get
broadband into my house for now.

It uses dhcp and some other settings which for wind blows you'd configure
through the control panel and the internet connection wizard.

Does anyone have a script or whatever it would take to fill-in these
values for  a tcp/ip  dhcp connection and lan etc?
You do not need to use any proprietary software with @home as appearently
the cable modem itself has it's own firmware to see your computer so it
seems logical to me it wouldn't care what the computer O/S is provided the
computer can talk to this sort of connection.

I'm not in a rush as haven't even gotten around to setting up my Linux
box.  But any pointers would be helpful as I see there are other Cable
Modem users on here.

Thanks! in advance!  -  Amanda

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