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Gene Collins collins at
Thu Nov 15 14:50:32 EST 2001

Hi Raul.  I'm using a Toshiba Satalite cdt4210, and it has an opl3sax
chip in it.  The chip works fine under Windows, but I haven't been able
to get it to work with the Alsa drivers.  My klooge was to use the Alsa
cs4231 driver, which at least lets me play sounds, but the recording
quality stinks.  It also doesn't sound very good using Speak freely on
the reflecter.  The oss drivers in the 2.2 kernels were a bit better,
they at least recognized the chip properly, but didn't give proper
control over the master volume.  You might try the Alsa 0.9beta drivers,
and see if you have better results.  No promises though.

Gene Collins

>Hi gang.  I'm trying to get the alsa to work for the Toshiba tecra8100
>which uses the yamaha opl3 built-in sound driver.  My question  is if
>anyone is using this can you send my a copy of your /etc/modules.conf as
>I seem to not be albe to get this to work.  Also, I've searched the net
>for someone else who has configured this and can't find any but in case
>anyone knows of a web site that has this information I'd appreciate
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