slackware 8.0

jim bowman jlb at
Thu Nov 15 14:17:16 EST 2001

thanks to all for your help.
to continue with the saga:
my system :
166 mhz pentium with 64 megs ram
2 floppies 1.44,1.2
2 hard disks 32gig , 2.0gig
ide cdrom
what has transpired:
i finally got a boot disk to work by using the speakup.i file from the
cdrom , the speakup.i on the speakup website would not work at all.
i have installed 8.0 and created a boot disk , however it does not
have the synth installed in it, so although the system will boot  i
still do not have speech on it.
does anyone have a kernel with dubltalk lite installed in it that you
could spare. if yopyou could atttach it to a message, i would greatly
appreciate the file.
thaaanks for all the help so far.
jim bowman

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