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Thu Nov 15 10:17:35 EST 2001

jim bowman said the following on Wed, Nov 14, 2001 at 08:43:16PM -0800:
> hi did anyone else but me have trouble installing slackware 8.0?
> i have made the ddisks as instructed and entered the necessary info to
> identify my synth and it comes up talking to that point however when i
> try to load the root disk , it refuses to load with a error message :
> kernet panic unable to load root at 2:1c.
> anyone have any ideas, any help would be appreciated.
> thanks 
> jim bowman

Jim.  Try these steps and see if this makes a difference.

1.  When remaking your root disk do it from real dos mode, not a dos
window.  Also, if you use speech in dos make sure it's not speaking as
the disk is getting written.  You will be able to know when rawrite is
finished by the floppy disk's lack of spinning.

2.  Use a different floppy for the root disk.  It's possible that the
floppy you used is bad.  Sometimes a forced format will not help so you
are better off just using another one.

3.  I know you entered your synthesizer stuff correctly because you said
it spoke to you from the beginning so that is not an issue.

Write if you still have problems.

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