socrates 0.00 is in cvs

Kirk Reiser kirk at
Wed Nov 14 08:44:27 EST 2001

Hi Folks:  Well, I have checked in socrates 0.00 into cvs.  Socrates
is an interface for doing optical character recognition.  If you wish
to play with it you will also need to have sane/libsane-dev installed
and the cvs version of gocr.

This is just the initial release for people that want to help debug
and work on the code.  It is usable but does not give very high
quality results.  Hey! You have to start somewhere.

For those interested you can find it with cvs at
-d:pserver:anonymous at checkout
socrates.  The password as usual is 'please'.

If anyone needs help getting the required packages installed and
running you will have to drop by the reflector.


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