Linux and High speed accessability

Kirk Wood cpt.kirk at
Wed Nov 14 00:07:21 EST 2001

On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, Terry Klarich wrote:
> At this time, I wouldn't consider wireless.  There is big problems with
> security.  I did hear of a product which used the home wiring though.  Can't
> remember how or where though.  Maybe a search on google is in order.

OK, can't resist this one. You are connecting a computer to a network with
zero security. You are recieving email that has been god only knows where
and could easily be seen by anyone and their brother. Now you are a bit
concerned because there is a theretical weakness in security?????

Hello?? Before deciding this kind of thing you should become
informed. Guess what?? There are security risks in your OS? But to shed
some knowledge here: the problem with wireless security is that when you
use 128 bit encryption you are "only" getting the equivilant of 40 to 56
bit encryption. The reason is that the security key must be entered as
ascii characters and as such, not all bits are available for use.

But hello?? If you have someone hacking into your communications with 40
bit encryption then they also probably have tapped into your network and
can see all that nice unencrypted data anyway. It took 10,000 computers
working around the clock over 24 hours to crack 40 bit encryption. There
are much easier ways to snoop on me.

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