Linux and High speed accessability

Kirk Wood cpt.kirk at
Tue Nov 13 17:36:00 EST 2001

Basically, no they don't have to provide anything for anybody. They can
not be made to support anything. They could choose to only support DOS.

Recognizing that they are not going to support Linux (nor will anyone
really), there is an intelligent means to the end. Learn to ask OS neutral
questions. Ask if you can use (not will they support) a firewall
device. Ask if they give a static IP. If not, do they use PPOE? You need
to learn more then some of the people who work there about the situation.

Sorry, Linux is one of those DYI projects. Nobody is going to make it easy
for you. It is not an OS for morons. It is a solution that is more idiot
resistant and can protect your system from morons.

Kirk Wood
Cpt.Kirk at

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