Linux and High speed accessability

Amanda Lee amanda at
Tue Nov 13 16:42:31 EST 2001

That's great as long as you don't need to route cable from floor to floor
as I would in the three-story townhouse I own and live in!  Looks like for
me that outside of the initial connection, that I'll have to go wireless
and that stops me almost in my tracks!  it's expensive and I'm not
convinced that I'll get very good speed throughout.  I also am concerned
about how to get it all talking to each of the boxes.  I did find an
interesting device which hooks into the USB port and then will talk via
think it's a 2.4Ghz signal or perhaps 900MHZ/forget which and would have
to look it up in the specs.  Does seem simple to put together though.
Still, it costs
nearly $100 per PC to do this.  We don'thave access to drop cable between
floors through the walls.  So only alternative with wired lan is to pull
up carpets and string that junk everywhere or drill holes in the floor
which I'm not keen on doing.

If any of you have used wireless methods and have found a solution which
are reliable and  won't break the bank! please let me  know.

Thanks!  -  Amanda Lee

On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, Terry Klarich wrote:

> Hello All:
> These days, I would highly suggest getting one of the personal router products on the market.  They have a 10 m connection to
> connect to a cable modem  or dsl device.  On the other side, there is usually a 4 port 100m switch you can use to build a local
> network.  There are models with 56k modems built in as well.  Got mine off ebay for $25.
> My home network is built using one of these personal routers.  Although, mine has an ISDN port for the wan connection.  I just have
> the smtp and ssh ports opened up for external connections.  This is so I can both receive mail and log into my machine via ssh
> remotely.
> I wouldn't even mention I was using linux.  As long as you stay away from msn, aol ... etc you should be fine.  Most ISP's support
> straight ppp with chap or pap.  This is all you need.  I would, however, try and get a static IP though
> Terry
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> On Tue, 13 Nov 2001 14:47:15 -0330you write:
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> >Hello list:
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> >Now that high speed internet access is available in my area,  does the
> >provider have to support Linux and is there away around that.
> >I spoke to two providers and they're are not going to support Linux in the
> >fore seeable future.
> >Granted, the two people I spoke to were not and I say again, were not OS
> >savvyy. LOL <grin>
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> >Michael
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